Take the field with confidence

Fire drills and phone calls — the all-too-common chaos of the field. For those working on the front lines, nothing undermines productivity more than unclear expectations and excessive busywork.

PINATA alleviates front-line frustration by creating clarity and efficiency. The result: A workforce that is both empowered and accountable.
“I like how easy it is to manage my schedule. But most of all, I like that PINATA makes me feel more confident walking into an assignment.”
Freelancer, Atlanta
“Working on PINATA makes life easier for everyone because we all stay on the same page without all those emails!”
Carla Boscacci, Sr. Account Manager, Creative State


What’s on tap,


Turn your workforce into a task force

PINATA’s mobile-optimized field experience puts logistics, expectations, and reporting requirements in the hands of your front-line workforce. We call it "The Go Portal.” Think of it as mission control for your staff.

Here, they'll track their assignments, learn about new and upcoming programmatic activity, engage with training material, and build a reputation for performance over time. Automatic reminders and messages from managers make it easy to stay on task.


It's time to retire the clipboard

Reporting on PINATA is seamlessly integrated with scheduling: To-Do List » Check In » Field Report. This integrated flow promotes compliance and efficiency.

Leveraging a robust library of best-practice reporting templates, you determine the specific requirements of each activity your team performs. In addition to standard survey inputs, you can capture location coordinates, wellness information, photographs, and much more.

On a per-task basis, field reports are dynamically generated based on the specifics of the task at hand, so you can ensure consistent reporting with no additional effort.

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Need help training your workforce?

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No more bookkeeping headaches

As tasks are completed, it’s important to ensure compliance around quota fulfillment, budget usage, invoicing, record keeping and more.

Because activity on PINATA is systematically structured — with time-stamped check ins, expense receipts, and consolidated vendor invoices all in one place — it’s never been easier to close out your books.

From start to finish, PINATA helps you guarantee that programmatic activity stays on track to your big-picture goals.

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