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It’s hard enough to keep your team on the same page. When you're working with external partners and vendors, it’s practically impossible.  

Unlike tools that only work for your internal employees, PINATA is uniquely designed to centralize work that crosses company lines, so all stakeholders stay aligned.
“Our marketing team employs about fifteen regional staffing agencies to execute brand activations from coast to coast. PINATA finally makes it possible to manage all our partnerships in one place.”
Tony Flannigan, US Trade Marketing Manager, Mr. Black
“Working on PINATA makes life easier for everyone because we all stay on the same page without all those emails!”
Carla Boscacci, Sr. Account Manager, Creative State


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Connect the dots: A centralized dashboard for all your partners

You rely on third-party vendors to power market-level activity — for production, distribution, staffing, and more. Especially when juggling many vendors at once, communication and reporting issues are unavoidable.

PINATA brings all your vendors together onto one platform, creating standards where there were silos. What does that mean for your operations? When you share a new training document or update your reporting requirements, everyone is updated immediately — down to the freelancer employed by a small agency who has an assignment today!

distributed workflows

Replace crossed wires with systematic pipelines

When you get started on PINATA, you'll invite your partners to join you through a personalized collaboration portal, creating an educational and inviting foundation for enthusiastic adoption.

Our user-friendly experience makes it easy for everyone — internally and externally — to connect and work together. You define what your partners and users can see and do: It's easy to selectively share information, control permissions, and leverage automatic notifications in lieu of one-off emails.

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We offer free data-driven referrals from our best-in-class network.


Play the field — and keep score

Which agencies are driving the best fill rates? Are all of my delivery partners executing on time? With all your partners in one place, it's easy to track KPIs. Should you ever cease working with a particular vendor, PINATA ensures that your activity history and reporting data stay intact.

Shared goals and real-time reporting dashboards create the foundation for stronger relationships over time.

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