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Connect the c-suite to the street

From emerging brands to global enterprises, companies rely on front-line execution to bring their strategy to market. But all too often, busywork and bottlenecks disconnect the field from the big picture.

PINATA is an end-to-end workflow management solution to power everyday operations, so your strategy gets to work.
“Thanks to PINATA, so many manual processes are finally online and our team is connected. It allows us to plan, manage local staff, collect data, simplify billing, and more! This has been a game changer.”
Carisa Janes, CEO, Hourglass Cosmetics (Unilever)
“Working on PINATA makes life easier for everyone because we all stay on the same page without all those emails!”
Carla Boscacci, Sr. Account Manager, Creative State


What’s the
big-picture goal?


Success shouldn’t depend on a game of telephone

Your commercial leadership is finally on the same page. Marketing is ready to deploy significant regional budgets. You've cracked the code on your supply chain. Now what?

Even the best-laid plans can fall apart as they move from HQ to the front lines. Antiquated systems, dispersed teams, endless emails, and imprecise oversight leave execution teams shooting in the dark.


Never swing blindly: Execute quickly and intelligently

When your front-line team is blindfolded, their only options are big swings, best guesses, and blunt force.

PINATA delivers efficiency, alignment, and precision to help get work done well. Leadership sets standards and goals; workforce managers build schedules and assignments; front-line workers execute well-defined tasks and complete standardized reports. In turn, data flows up from the field to unlock immediate performance improvement.

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Quality control from the front lines to the back office

From planning to bookkeeping, PINATA helps to maximize productivity and minimize errors across innumerable back-office tasks. To promote engagement, we deliver powerful tools through a friendly user experience that's industry-tested and team-approved.

For your team, less busywork means more time to focus on strategy, sales, and outcomes.

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Process Standardization