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For many organizations, The field is the final frontier for performance analytics for many organizations — the last “data-free zone". When you can't even confirm that work is complete, how can you hope to improve performance over time?

On PINATA, every task tells a story. Whether you're looking at consumer engagement, retailer compliance, or employee productivity, you can finally measure and amplify success.
"All activity generates consistent, robust reporting to help us focus on our goals and target spending more precisely. Finally, data drives dollars.”
Bailey Sweet, Sr. Dir. Customer Marketing, E & J Gallo Winery
“Working on PINATA makes life easier for everyone because we all stay on the same page without all those emails!”
Carla Boscacci, Sr. Account Manager, Creative State


How do we spend our next dollar?


Emerging trends keep you agile and ambitious

When it comes to recapping, time delays mean missed opportunities. On PINATA, data captured by your front-line workforce is accessible and aggregated in real time.

Did merchandising finish on time? Did our sampling events inspire consumers to purchase? Did account surveys identify new distribution opportunities? Reporting on PINATA puts market-level data at your fingertips the moment it's available.


Finally, a throughline from investment to return

For most organizations, below-the-line activities like trade development rarely get tied back to revenue. Instead, significant budgets are deployed with little understanding of their impact.

PINATA creates highly structured data around your operations in the field, designed explicitly to marry with your existing sales data and other business intelligence tooling. Easy integrations power sophisticated analyses and yield precise follow-up opportunities.

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Replace "Are we done yet?" with "What's next?"

PINATA is a one-stop shop for strategy, execution, and analysis. That pays dividends when real-time data helps you evolve your strategic thinking. Use market-level insights to better target upcoming spending and modify existing plans on the go. Expand budgets on programs that are over-performing and cut short ones that aren't.

Simply put: PINATA unlocks smarter capital deployment in the field.

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