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“Systematic” isn’t a word normally associated with field operations. That’s where PINATA comes in. Above all, the platform is built to power task management that is structured, collaborative, and data-driven.

Easy to configure and easy to use, PINATA turns disjointed operations into streamlined workflows that are fast, friendly, and foolproof.
“PINATA  makes the process extremely manageable for my team. Without it, it would have been impossible to launch in nine markets this week alone.”
Saul Moise, Nat’l. Accounts Manager, Off-Premise, William Grant & Sons
“Working on PINATA makes life easier for everyone because we all stay on the same page without all those emails!”
Carla Boscacci, Sr. Account Manager, Creative State


How do we work smarter, not harder?


Your field goals are blocked by avoidable obstacles

When it comes to front-line activity, your #1 enemy is waste. Wasted time, from burdensome and redundant communication. Wasted effort, from overcomplicated — or insufficient — process. Wasted budget, from spending that’s impossible to track. Worst of all: wasted opportunity.

For sales, marketing, and logistics teams, PINATA offers a step-by-step playbook for sales, marketing, and logistics teams to design and implement new best practices for systematic field execution.


Let’s re-write your playbook  to outsmart the field

PINATA empowers you to clearly define the activities that your team should execute in the field. You can specify training and responsibilities, associated budgets, specific personnel, reporting requirements, and much more. In other words, PINATA lets you set the rules of the road for your workforce, establishing clear guardrails around specific programs, teams, or regions — or whatever makes sense for you.

Best of all: Building an optimized playbook is easy, thanks to PINATA’s intuitive and user-friendly toolkit.

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Gather the building blocks of successful operations

Think of PINATA as a clearinghouse for the strategies and information that will power unprecedented success in the field. That includes everything from CRM data to training files and bookkeeping protocols. It also includes people: managers, front-line staff, and perhaps external vendors you rely on for execution. PINATA puts all your resources in one place.

By taking full advantage of setup capabilities, you'll provide all stakeholders with critical info at the exact moments they need it most.

All systems go!

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Cross-Team Collaboration