A gig is a single activation or event executed a single person

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A gig has many attributes:

Logistical details

  • Location

  • Date

  • Start and end time

Information about the activation

  • Event description

  • Products that are being demo’d/sampled

  • Training material about the brand and products

  • Materials needed to execute the gig (i.e. demo kit)

Be sure to know: For large events that require multiple people, you’ll book several simultaneous gigs. A street team of four people, for example, would require four discreet gigs.



A gig is executed by a GoGetter

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A GoGetter is PINATA’s own term for the person who brings your brand to life in the field.

Using PINATA’s powerful mobile interface, your GoGetter checks in (geo-tagged on location), executes his gig, and completes a field report. The data your GoGetters collect—from quantitative stats, qualitative feedback, photos, and merchandising status—is aggregated on your real-time dashboards.

Be sure to know: Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, we can accommodate many types of GoGetter, including freelance talent,  dedicated field reps, or your own team members.