One of your clients has recently implemented PINATA
to manage their experiential marketing initiatives.

As a result, your agency can now access PINATA’s powerful software – for free!

So, what value does PINATA provide?












Your Agency Success Specialist will give you a complete demo and answer all of your questions.




Is PINATA a staffing agency?

Not at all!

We’re a technology company whose mission is to support the experiential marketing industry. From coast to coast, major brands, distributors, and agencies all run on PINATA. We’ll be glad to provide you with references!

What value does PINATA’s software provide?

Where do we begin?

Our technology is built by a team of field-marketing veterans — many of whom have personally worked at staffing agencies like yours. We appreciate the importance and the challenges of the work you do every day, so we’ve built PINATA to make your work easier and more successful, not to create extra work.

Simply put, PINATA is a better way to manage & measure sampling programs and help you focus on what you do best. We’re excited to show you how!

Will my rates be changed?


Your bill rates will not be impacted by this transition, because PINATA plays no role in setting your rates. You’ll continue to establish pricing (by program, event type, or talent profile, for example) directly with your client.

Depending on the client, use of PINATA may have some impact on billing protocols. 

  • Most clients will want to ensure that invoices you send match activity on PINATA. Our financial dashboard will allow you both to have full transparency into the events that are billed each period. 

  • Some clients choose to have PINATA coordinate monthly invoicing on their behalf. In such cases, you’ll start invoicing PINATA directly, and you’ll receive payment from us, based on your activity recorded on the platform.

Your PINATA representative will be glad to talk through your particular circumstances and your client’s expectations. 

Will this change the way I work with my client?

That’s up to you!

PINATA is designed to make collaboration easier. With shared dashboards, automatic notifications, and clear team responsibilities, you may find that your communication style naturally evolves. That said, you should feel free to communicate in whatever fashion works best for your team and your client. At the end of the day, what matters is that all activations live on the PINATA platform to ensure clarity, data-integrity, and that you get paid!

Will my talent need to use PINATA?


When assigned to a gig, talent will receive SMS alerts, as well as all logistical information. They’ll also check in and complete their field reports using PINATA’s mobile-optimized data collection interface. This will give you real-time visibility into their activity in the field!

Please rest assured that PINATA will NOT make your exclusive talent visible to any other staffing agencies on our platform.

What if I need help?

We’re here for you!

Beyond on-boarding and training, the PINATA team is always at your service. You’ll have the PINATA Agency Success team at your disposal, supporting your work with this client as well as any additional work you do on PINATA in the future.


 What’s next?

You should have already heard from the PINATA team. If you haven’t already done so, please be in touch with your Agency Success Specialist to schedule a kickoff call. On that call, we’ll give you a personalized demo, answer your questions, and set you up with your own account.

Need help in the meantime?