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Match with skilled, reliable Gogetters.

  • Target a profile specific to your brand.
  • Gain insight into performance reviews, ratings, past work experience, training & certifications.
Match with skilled, reliable Gogetters.

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  • Build & train your field team.
  • Manage your calendar, collect reports and process payment all on one platform.
Manage your people & programs in one app.

Measure success with data-fueled insights.

  • Discover the best days, times and locations to activate.
  • Understand who your top sellers are.
  • Receive feedback from your consumers about your products.
Measure success with data-fueled insights.

Frequently asked questions

What is Field Marketing?!

Brands use a variety of events to connect with consumers in “the real world,” and this is often referred to as field marketing. Brands use this as a valuable opportunity to expand their reach and influence and get their product in the hands of new and existing consumers.

What is a GOGETTER?

A brand ambassador is often the first interaction between a consumer and a brand, so it’s essential to trust that message to someone who knows and loves the brand and embodies their core values. PINATA Gogetters are the most motivated and skilled field marketers you can find.


PINATA connects some of the most exciting food, beverage and beauty brands to motivated freelance brand ambassadors(we call them Gogetters). We’re the industry’s easiest app for booking, managing and handling payment for freelance field-marketing gigs.

PINATA Gogetters are creative professionals who thrive on building meaningful connections. Gogetters love to work with us because they get to meet amazing brands and build their careers. Our mission is to unite and inspire a new generation of brands and workers alike.